• A Teacher's Reflection: Building a sense of self to build a send of self in others

    Surrey Teacher Kelly Shuto reflects on the importance of personal self-awareness as the first step in building self-awareness in students and the ability to self-assess core competencies.

  • Podcast: Mentoring Nature Connections with Lauren MacLean

    Kelly Shuto is a K/1 teacher in the Surrey district as well as a k-2 math mentor. She has contributed to our BC curriculum resource site by sharing her in-depth documentation and examples of how the core competencies live in our classrooms. She is also a children’s book author! Her first book, one of my toddler’s favourites, is titled What Does it Mean to be Brave.  You will often find her presenting workshops on how to use the core competencies to create a deeper sense of self in the primary grades.

    LISTEN: "Core Competencies and Outdoor Learning with Kelly Shuto" 
  • Story Time with Stacey

    Story Time with Stacey

    Watch Story Time with Stacey read Kelly Shuto's What Does It Mean To Be Brave.

    WATCH: Story Time with Stacey | What Does It Mean To Be Brave | By Kelly Shuto