Beautiful book with an important message!

Kelly Shuto has managed to put an important message about the many types of bravery and believing in oneself in a book. What Does it Mean to be Brave? is a must in your child's book collection and is one of my son's most loved bedtime stories. The colors and diversity in the artwork are beautiful. I highly recommend this book!!!”

~ Courtney

Excellent resource for teachers and parents

"This is an amazing book! I am a special education teacher, and am also the Social Emotional lead teacher at our school. I am always on the lookout for books that will help our children believe in themselves, especially when things get difficult. Parents and educators who are looking to build resilience in their children will not be dissapointed. Kelly Shuto has also provided thoughtful inquiry questions at the end for further exploration. And the pictures! They're beautiful! They provide a balanced presentation of the diverse students that make up our classrooms. Thank you Kelly and Maria for providing this wonderful children's book! Highly recommend it!"

~ David R.

An Exceptional Story with an Influential & Meaningful Message for ALL Ages

“Exceptional stories make you feel something within yourself. These stories feel as though they were written just for you. They spark an idea for your own story, remind you of an experience in your life or leaving you with a feeling you just want sit with for as long as you can.As I turned each page, captivated by the vivid and detailed illustrations, the words resonate and remind me of the many different stories I have come to understand in my years as an educator.“What Does It Mean to Be Brave?” is a true reflection of thoughtful story telling; filling you with joy, wonder, self-reflection, connections, and enthusiasm. This book spans the ages, as all human beings can relate to bravery in their lives. It is a wonderful reminder that bravery is experienced differently and is something we can benefit from acknowledging often.Thank you Kelly for your bravery, capturing your words and influential message in a story for all to experience.”

~ The Educator